Award For Excellence In Corporate Reporting – Year 2023

Welcome to the official website of TAGS AWARDS 2023

The Annual Report Awards Competition, which commands a prestigious legacy spanning over 57 years, was reconceptualized and rebranded as TAGS Awards in 2022.

CA Sri Lanka’s ultimate objective through the reconceptualization is to continue to provide a contemporary competition to honour companies ranging from multinationals to conglomerates, as well as small and medium enterprises for promoting the core concepts in both financial and non-financial reporting aspects.

TAGS stands for Transparency, Accountability, Governance and Sustainability, and the newly rebranded awards will reflect the core values of the over half a century competition to also strengthen and uphold the integrity of the financial, environmental, social, & governance reporting, apart from promoting the need to increase the transparency of companies which produce annual reports.

Introduction of TAGS Awards

Objectives of the Awards

  • To encourage effective communication to stakeholders through publication of informative annual reports
  • To promote effective presentation of financial and non-financial information
  • To comply with legislative requirements and Sri Lanka Accounting Standards (SLFRS)
  • To adopt the best global reporting practices

Message from the President of CA
Sri Lanka

Sanjaya Bandara

Every crisis has increasingly spelled the need for enhanced transparency and accountability, as well as the need for increased good governance to ensure the sustainability of not just organisations but even countries. From a global pandemic to an economic crisis of unimaginable proportions, Sri Lanka has been dealt back-to-back blows, but despite the severity of the recession, we watch in hope as our country attempts to limp back to some normalcy.

Message from the Chairman of the TAGS Awards Committee

Thivanka Jayasinghe

The Annual Report can be considered as the single most important disclosure of an organization’s performance, due to the assurance given on the true and fairness of the financial statements by an independent auditor and because it also consists of management discussion and analysis of the organization’s performance not only financially but holistically.

Who Can Apply?

The competition welcomes any organisation that produces an Annual Report, from multinational companies to small community groups and small-scale establishments. The awards are presented under 29 categories where the Winner, 1st and 2nd Runners-up are selected under each category.

How to apply?

You can download the application or you can submit your application online.

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